Colours of Australia

This week has been one of those weeks when I had the urge to do some tidying up, possibly because it has been so cold and miserable here in Adelaide, and I have only been working 2 days a week lately, so I have time on my hands and that is sometimes a dangerous thing, but this week I decided to put my time to some good use.  I have been going through my digital photos, trying to get them  more organised, but I haven't had much success, although it made me realise I have a lot of great photos, so  thought I would put some of them here and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Some are from our trips in other parts of Australia and others from around where we live in South Australia and some that I just couldn't leave out.  I decided to group them together in colours and  thought I'd start with BLUE as I love the beautiful blue of our sky and ocean, and we haven't had much blue sky here lately. 

The Flinders Ranges from Hammond, South Australia

Hammond, a Ghost town in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Bunyeroo Valley, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
The Flinders Ranges is one of our favourite places to visitd we have been coming here for years, camping in our 2-man tent and driving in our VW, then when we had our kids, we upgraded to a large 2-roomed tent.  Now, we have our 3rd caravan having upgraded from a small 16ft van to a larger one and now to our new van with a shower and toilet - the luxury of it is so good as I don't think I could enjoy the great outdoors these days if I didn't have some extra comforts, it must have something to do with age. 

Coral Bay, Western Australia

Coral Bay, Western Australia
The coast of Western Australia is amazing, and I could not believe the beautiful colour of the ocean.  We spent several months in our caravan touring down the west coast and every beach was beautiful and we wished we could have spent more time, but its always good to have a reason to go back again.

Western Australia

Greenant Creek, Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Boab Tree, Western Australia

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

MG K3 Magnet at Lobethal, South Australia

Replica of 1937 MG TA Tomlinson Special  at Lobethal, South Australia

Stewart Special Jaguar at Jag Day, South Australia

Jacob with his blue drums

Amity's birthday cake

Kalbarri, Western Australia

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Spring is here - at last - and I am feeling the warmth already!!  We seem to have had a long winter but now the flowers are coming out, the buds are bursting and we are looking forward to some lovely spring days.

The hillsides are golden with wattle in September

The paddocks are lovely and green

The Gazanias are brilliant

Lovely daisies are always great
Yellow broome in our garden

Gazanias on our footpath

Grevillea will attract the native  birds to our garden
My homemade lemon butter

My home made Lemon Butter
Yellow wildflowers at Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia

RED - Summer -the colour of Australia

& various shades in between

Sunset at Derby, Western Australia
The Derby sunset was one of the best I have seen in Australia, but we have many more places to visit so I will be happy to update it.
80 Mile Beach, Western Australia
This sunset was beautiful and I wished it would have lasted for ever.
We camped here at  Saddle Creek, Northern Territory.
The sunset was another particularly spectacular one.
The little parrot is a Red Rump parrot.  We stayed on the Darling River at Wentworth and about 10 of these beautiful little parrots came down each afternoon to feed.
A Chamberlain Tractor at Alice Springs.  In 2006 we saw these old tractors going around Australia to raise money for charity.
Sturt's Desert Pea - a beautiful flower and grows on the side of the road in Northenr Australia

Perry Sandhills, Wentworth, New South Wales

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