Climb to the Eagle 2012 - Adelaide

Friday 2nd November 2012
While I was at work today, my husband went to "work" and took some photos for me, and it was work that he thoroughly enjoyed, and of course someone has to do it.  The event that inspired him to get up early and head into Adelaide was the Climb to the Eagle, which is a rather relaxed  drive up  to the "Eagle", organised by the Sporting Car Club of SA and was originally a fringe event of the Adelaide Grand Prix, but was so popular that it is now an annual event. Its not quite Monaco, but its pretty good  here in Adelaide and to see some lovely cars, both old and not so old, is always great.
The weather here in Adelaide is  another mild spring day, a bit overcast, but perfect for wandering around Victoria Park viewing some rare and interesting cars before they set off for the climb. 
 The "Eagle" is about 10 km from the centre of Adelaide and used to be a popular hotel known as the Eagle on the Hill, but the hotel was bypassed years ago when the new South Eastern Freeway was built.  The hotel was originally owned in the 1850's  by a Mr Anderson who  had an eagle perched on a pole in the front of the hotel and so the name of the hotel remained and the area is still known as The Eagle on the Hill.
An interesting and varied line up on the starting line
The starting line
Alan Baker's E-type Jag
Porsche on the starting line
XF Jaguar
Glen Dix waves off the cars

Glen Dix was there to wave the flag on the grid. Glen  is an Adelaide Icon, and everyone loves to see him wave his chequered flag.

Wayne & Geraldine, our neighbours, are in the line up for their climb up to the Eagle

Our neighbours, Wayne & Geraldine, were on the starting line with their beautiful MGTC, waiting to head off into the Adelaide Hills for a lovely drive on a perfect day .... and I had to work ... oh well that's life! and some of us have to do it.


Aston Martin DBR2 
The cars line up waiting for the flag

                                                     Jag C type replica engine

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