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Welcome to my blog!

We (Rosie & Ron) live in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide. 

We love caravanning, although we once used to say that we would never have a caravan, but we have learnt never to say "never". 

When our children were young, we had a tent and made regular trips to the Flinders Ranges, and it is still one of our favourite places. 

Our first trip north was to Arkaroola in 1969 in our "beetle" and a tent, and we still wonder how we made it, but it was a great adventure back then.

Ron has now retired, and I am working part time, and some time next year I will retire and we plan to set off on a trip to Queensland with no time restrictions. 

In 2009 we took 3 months and did a trip up the centre to Darwin and across to Broome and down the west coast and home across the Nullabor.  I have recorded this trip in a diary at www.halfwayround.webs.com

I hope you enjoy following our travels, which are mostly only short trips within a few hours' drive of home. 

Please join the site and email me if you want to make a comment as I would love to hear from you.

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