Friday, 22 July 2016

Winter .... not on the road - we're at home!

We have been home this winter trying to do some gardening and other jobs around the house, but the weather has been particularly wet and very cold so we haven't achieved as much as we hoped. 
We were planning on painting the main living rooms and kitchen, hallway and passage but realised after Ron spent a day doing the prep work that his back wasn't going to last the distance so after a lot of checking and quotes we have finally decided to get a painter in and he will start next week.  All we have to do is clear the cabinets of my bits and pieces (actually they are my mother's which I inherited, but I think it is time to do some culling!).  It's difficult to let go of things but it has to be done and I am ready to do it now.   I am giving a lot away to our local Op Shop, I have a few things that I might try and sell and a few things will go to the local Museum.
We had a storm here last week. Here are  few photos of  the damage in  our suburb when the storm hit.  A tree came down in our street and we had no power for about 14 hrs and if that wasn't bad enough it was reported that it was the coldest day for many years....luckily we had the generator so that did help but it was still a very long, cold day.  I know now that I could not live without heating.
The branch on the right came down and took the power lines out, it wasn't a huge branch but big enough to cause some trouble, luckily no damage done to the houses nearby.  The Emergency Services had already cut the biggest branches and move them off the road.  The locals all got some firewood for next winter.

There were a lot of branches fallen in our area

This one was a bit worse

I have been out in the garden on the days that were not pouring down with rain and decided to take some photos and found another Macro setting on my camera so had to take a few photos. I'm  pretty happy with them so will try and use the setting a bit more.
There's not much in flower but I did manage to find a little violet underneath foliage.

I love the close up of the fern fronds

We regularly drive to Mannum and have noticed this sign - Codger's Lane - so I decided to take a photo - don't know if its the name of a local or just an Old Codger!

I hope you enjoy my Winter in Adelaide, it's not too bad really, and we often get nice sunny days in between the wet and cold ones.