Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Favourite photos of our trips in 2015

In August 2015 we had another trip up to Darwin .... here are some of the photos from that trip.

The Pink Panther Pub at Larrimah

We had a meal here at the iconic Pink Panther pub, it certainly is a very interesting place.  We chose to sit outside, among the aviaries of different types of parrots, some quite unusual ones too.  If I go there again I think I would sit inside as I'm not keen on birds in cages, but the Barra Burger was very good, and we have had quite  a few barra meals this trip.

Water Garden at Pine Creek, Northern Territory

Rock Art at Ubir, Kakadu

Sunset on Mary River, Kakadu

Sea Eagle, Mary River, NT
We did a cruise on the Mary River and it was probably the best river cruise we have done.  The guide was so passionate about the crocodiles and the environment and we were given so much information.  I was a bit concerned though when I couldn't see any life jackets but I guess if someone fell overboard there wouldn't be much point in having a jacket as there were so many crocs in the water.

Sculpture at Aileron
 These fantastic sculptures at Aileron are able to be seen from quite a few kms away, they are huge, this one of a female and another of a male.  I love this one with the child and a goanna.
Ayres Rock

Rainbow Lorikeets at Batchelor, NT
Lorikeets at Batchelor

We had a few days in the Caravan Park at Batchelor and these parrots came in to be fed every evening.  They are such colourful birds.