Monday, 4 February 2013

Oh no, we are not on the Road !!!! But here are some photos from my garden. Enjoy!

We won't be "On the Road" for a while as I am having a total knee replacement in a  weeks' time. Its not something to look forward to but it has to be done so that I can continue to enjoy our trips away.  I am getting quite anxious about it now that it is only a week away and I have had the pre op assessments with the hospital and anaesthetist and have all the details that they think I need to know.  I just want to get it over and get back to doing the things I want without the pain. I feel like everything is on "hold" at the moment and I just want to get it all over and start getting back to normal so we can do some more travelling.

I have been thinking about what I will do while I am recovering.  I hope I will have some blogging time between my exercises which I think will take up a fair bit of my day. 

Anyway, I have been going through some of my photos and found some interesting ones I have taken over the years of flowers, some from our garden and some from our travels.  I hope you enjoy them.

Golden wattle

This lovely wattle grows in South Australia and most front yaards or back yards have a wattle tree.  We have them coming up in the garden in places we don't want them so have to pull them up.  They are beautiful and flower between August and October.  There are quite a few different varieties too.

Beautiful and unusual Scilla


Apricot iris in our garden