Sunday, 17 May 2015

On the road to ...Wangaratta and Home...our last day on the road

After the blokes had a very long look around the Dredge, we headed to Wangaratta for our stay in the Painters Island Caravan Park.

Painters Island Caravan Park

 We were particularly impressed by this caravan park and the friendly staff were happy for our caravan to stay hooked up as we were only staying 1 night and this would be our last night with our friends.  Of course the first thing Jeannie and I did was to inspect the Amenities, and to our delight they were exceptionally clean and modern and even had fresh flowers on the hand basins.  This sounds like we have an obsession, but to be honest, some of the Amenities on this trip have left a bit to be desired, so it was great to find facilities as good as these, especially for Jeannie as their van does not have shower/toilet and they were staying 3 extra nights here at Wangaratta.

We decided to have an "End of Trip" night out and after making ourselves look respectable, set off for the Pinsent Hotel.  We had a great meal and we all agreed we had had a great trip and we're starting to think about another one.

Wednesday 6th May 2015

 We said our goodbyes and  headed for home, which would probably take 2 days,  while Jeannie and David had their day planned including catching up with friends and a game of golf.

Our first stop was at Shepparton where I did some Aldi shopping, as I wanted to get some chocolate for the grandchildren and a few other goodies that I can't get in Adelaide supermarkets. 

We then headed to Nyah for our overnight stop. 

Nyah campsite at the Race Course
We have stayed here before so we knew exactly where we wanted to camp, and found a good spot which was clear of the trees.  There were quite a few vans in the area but we were still able to be a reasonable distance from each other.

Thursday 7th May 2015
After a good overnight stop, with no traffic noise, just a horse or two going around the track nearby.  We stopped at Robinvale for a look around the town which we have not done before, although we have stayed in the caravan park, but it was good to see the town. 

We headed for our overnight stop at Lake Cullulleraine, Lock 9 on the River Murray, another area that we have stayed in before, so we knew what to expect. 

Lock 9

View from our van

Beautiful views
When we arrived, the Park Ranger was in the area and we stopped and had a chat and he showed us a good spot to camp, so we were soon set up and had our "choofer" going and settled in for a drink before dinner which I cooked in the camp oven.   
Ron soon got the "choofer" going

This was the last night of our trip and we have had such a good time with our friends, but all good things must come to an end.

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