Tuesday, 12 May 2015

On the road to ..Sea Lake, Castlemaine and Mt Tarangower

Saturday 25th April 2015

Anzac Day 2015

We left our first overnight stop at Lake Tyrrell after a chilly night, although very cosy in our van.  We were surprised that we didn't need any heating in the van, as we have considered getting a diesel heater installed, but thought we would see how we go on this trip before we make the decision to spend the money.  We want to make sure that we really need the heating to make our trips more comfortable.  As most of our winter trips will be in the north, we will only need the heating occasionally so we are still undecided, I guess we will make our minds up on this trip.
After leaving Sea Lake we drove through the towns of Berriwillock, Culgoa and several others before coming to Charlton, which we remembered from a previous trip, and were pleased to find the Big Fish is still there as a tourist attraction.


We arrived at Castlemaine and headed for the Restorer's Barn, Ron's favourite shop, as he always manages to find something there that he can't get anywhere else.  After looking around this interesting shop, he did find a few old tools for his blacksmith shed, but the prices for the old lamps accessories were a bit high compared to Adelaide shops so we didn't get as many things as we thought we would, but we enjoyed looking around as there are so many interesting bits and pieces.  We then walked around the town, most shops were closed because it was Anzac Day, but we had coffee in a little shop and then got fuel and amazingly with driveway attendant, that makes it a real service station.
We then drove on to Maldon where we stayed the night at Mt Tarangower.

Mt Tarangower camping area

The maggies visited our campsite

Campsite at Mt Tarangower

A couple of visitors at Mt Tarangower
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