Wednesday, 4 June 2014

On the road to ..... Hall's Gap 2014

Camp Chaos 2013

Another year has passed and we are on the road again to Hall's Gap where we will meet up with our friends from Melbourne.  For the past few years we have added our adult children and their children to our annual weekend get together. There are now 10 children and 12 adults.  Keeping track of 10 children is a bit of a task, but one way or another we have managed to know where they are most of the time and haven't lost any yet.
 For many years when our children had grown up and left "the nest" we met up and it was just the four of us but we thought it would be great if our kids re-acquainted themselves and their families as they are all about the same age, although it is difficult for everyone to make it due to work commitments etc. It will be good to see everyone again and I love to see the children and notice how much they have grown.
We have the van packed and hopefully I have not forgotten anything, but the marshmallows are in and I found the glowsticks that I forgot to pack last year.  I have probably got more than enough food to feed everyone and I know they will all be saying the same, so at least we will eat well, and  is one of the best parts of the weekend along with sitting around the campfire catching up with everyone.
Tomorrow we will be heading off and will probably stay overnight at Serviceton and then head into Halls Gap on Friday. 
Thursday 4th June 2014
The parrots come down for some food
We left home about 9 am and headed towards Murray Bridge through Chain of Ponds, Gumeracha and turned off at Palmer to Murray Bridge and through to Keith where we stopped for lunch at the Bakery and to stretch our legs.  As we were making good progress, we decided to continue on and not stop at Serviceton as planned and kept going until we got to Lochiel Rest Area near Dimboola.  We stayed here on our last trip and although it is near the railway line on one side and the fairly busy highway on the other, it is still a nice area to stay for a night, but the traffic was fairly constant and we didn't sleep too well but I always find that the first night out is like that. The weather has been good for driving, cool and overcast but not raining.

Friday 5th June 2014

Lochiel rest area near Dimboola
We left our rest area around 9.30 am and stopped in Horsham to get fuel and to visit the Aldi store as Aldi stores aren't in Adelaide & I can't resist a bit of a shop at a different store.  Unfortunately there weren't any parking spaces set aside for caravans so we had to drive around a few times before finding somewhere to park, but we didn't have too far to walk and I got a few things for the grandchildren and some fresh fruit. Aldi don't seem to be a lot different from most other supermarkets but they do have a few different brands. 
We continued on to Halls Gap and managed to find the turnoff which we have missed on other years, which is Mt Drummond Road.

 It would be good if they actually signposted it to Halls Gap but obviously they want us to take a different road, but we think that road is better to take the van on.
We got to the Lakeside CP and checked in and we were the first of our group to arrive so we were able to set up and even had lunch before everyone else arrived.

By mid afternoon Kirsten, Michael and the children arrived and it was all hands on deck as they set up their Jayco Swan, so I kept the kids occupied as they were keen to explore the park. 
Soon after Luke, Simone and their children arrived and they settled themselves into their cabin.  This year they have a newer and larger cabin than last year and it overlooks the playground and the kangaroo field.
Amity and Taleah were very excited to see everyone and there were hugs and kisses all round. 
Jeannie and David were next to arrive with 3 of their grandchildren and once again we were all excited to catch up after 12 months.  Everyone was busy getting themselves sorted out in the various accommodation as well as keeping an eye on the kids who were roaring around exploring everything in the cabins and the caravan.  I kept the girls occupied for a while with the balloons I bought at Aldi which was a last minute purchase but they had fun pumping up the balloons and twisting them into shapes. It wasn't long before I had a van full of balloons and I soon found out that balloons don't stay put anywhere.

Camp Chaos 2014