Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Milang, South Australia

"Oscar W" at Milang

Milang is situated  on the shores of Lake Alexandrina

Paddle Steamer "Oscar W"

The "Oscar W" pulled into the jetty on a short trip.  We had a look around it as it has been restored and is really great, might have to do a trip in it one day.

The ballast on the "Oscar W"

28 January 2012

Milang is a small town about 2 hrs drive from Adelaide, South Australia. It is situated on Lake Alexandrina and is a great little place to spend a weekend water skiing, sailing  or swimming or just relaxing.  
We hitched the van up on Saturday morning and were in Milang by lunchtime.  After we  got ourselves set up in the caravan park  we were immediately aware of the corellas flying and nesting in the trees nearby.  At first it didn't bother us but they were becoming very annoying & noisy flying in huge flocks between the trees and making a mess everywhere, so much so that we couldn't sit outside.  There was nothing we could do about them so we headed off to the jetty where the paddlesteamer Oscar W had berthed.  This is a lovely 100 year old paddlesteamer that takes passengers on cruises of Lake Alexandrina and she had come into Milang for an hour or so. 


Milang Caravan Park
This photo of the caravan park was taken near where we were parked, but the sites beyond the vans in this photo were much better as you could see the lake and there weren't as many trees either, as the Corellas were being a nuisance in the trees near our site.  Also our site was quite sheltered which was good because of the wind, but when it was hotter it would have been better to be nearer the lake and get some of the breeze that comes up later in the day and of course to have views of the lake is much mor pleasant than looking at an old caravan and annexe.  Next time we will make sure we ask for a site on the lake front side, and hope we can get one.

We had a look around the old town and discovered the old Butter Factory which must have been the hub of the town in years gone by, with the farmers bringing in their milk in their horse and cart.

The Old Butter Factory, Milang, SA

Milang shacks on Lake Alexandrina, SA

We walked along the foreshore to the beach "huts" to see if we could find the one we used to have when we were younger, but some of them had changed with additions and different paintwork and we weren't sure exactly which one was ours as they all are similar in their shape but it brought back many memories of our weekends on the lake learning to water ski.

Foreshore of Lake Alexandrina, Milang

Memorial Park, Milang, SA

The War Memorial is in a lovely park which is very well kept and a credit to the town.  We are always interested to see these memorials in the country towns and a reminder of the servicemen who left their homes and families to serve this country.

Chaff Cutter on display at Power of the Past, Milang

We found a great display of old vehicles at the Milang Oval which were all on display for the "Power of the Past" event.  We spent quite a long time looking around all the vehicles and steam engines.

There was even a Clydesdale doing a lap of the oval.

Power of the Past

Old vehicles on display

The historical army vehicles fired their guns which added some interest